Coronavirus Social Stories

The following social stories have been written to support children and their families during the Coronavirus pandemic. All of these social stories are available free on the listed websites underneath the story

Lots of Coronavirus related social stories

Covid-19 – Social Stories and Other Supportive Resources – Beaucroft Foundation School

Coronavirus test social story

Coronavirus test social story

Coronavirus test social story

Banardos road map for children for phase 2

Coronavirus Support - Elsa Support

Social Stories - Coronavirus Story, Elephant handwashing to support the story on Coronavirus, Social Contact, Someone I know has Coronavirus, We are at home right now

Julia Donaldson - Social distancing using children's favourite characters

Lots of Coronavirus social stories including having a test, video chats, going back to school, wearing masks

Lots of social stories, resources and information on Coronavirus

Social story - wearing masks

Social story  - social distancing

Social Story - hand washing song

Social story - Social distancing song

What is the Coronavirus?

I miss my friends and family

My story about pandemics and the Coronavirus

Coronavirus social story

Staying at home with the scared gang social story


We wear masks social story

Why does my therapist look different social story

Information about talking to a child with Autism about the Coronavirus

Supporting children with learning disability / ASD coping with Covid19 isolation - a really good resource and tools

How to talk to children

Sesame Street caring has lots of videos and resources to help you talk to your children about coronavirus

A really good coronavirus picture book

Talking to children about the virus

Advice during the closures

The pandemic toolkit parents need

Lots of really good coronavirus resources from Sheffield Childrens NHS

Advice for Adults during the Coronavirus

Mental Health Advice

Some good home school resources

An excellent document from oxford University on supporting children and young people with their worries about Covid-19

Looking out the Window
Vintage Comic Books
Child by the Window
Hand Hygiene
Cleaning Sink