My Example Timetable

It is good to have a schedule to try and stick to during the day to give your children a sense of routine, devise something that works for you and your family. I have put a few ideas on here, including what my first week of home support looked like with an 11 year old and a 10 year old with Autism and sensory processing disorder. There is a picture of my timetable and a few other examples to give you an idea.


Robinhood Mat has some examples of weekly learning schedules for all ages

Day 1

Joe Wicks

Organising and finding resources that we have in the house that we may need

sorting out and decorating snack baskets (so that they don't eat me out of house and home!)

Drawing a rainbow for the window

finding online guitar lessons and demos

Making a schedule

Looking at which online tours we would like to do 

Outside play and walk

Day 2

Joe Wicks

10 yr old - Letter formation sheets, play doh, word search, problem solving, making a foam dinosaur

11 yr old - work set from school

Both - Penguin webcam 

San Diego Zoo tour

Outside play and a walk

Day 3

Joe Wicks

10 yr old - reading, English and maths worksheets, trampoline, making a Winnie the pooh out of pipe cleaners

11 yr old - work set from shool

Both - World War 2 bunker talk on you tube

Outside play and a walk

Day 4 

Joe Wicks

10 yr old - English reading and comprehension, maths worksheet, hungry caterpillar pencil control, making a shadow projector

11 yr old - work set from school, guitar practice 

Outside play and a walk

Day 5 

Joe Wicks

10 yr old - Hand writing practice, maths 

11 yr old - Work  set from school

Both - Chester Zoo virtual tour, online videos streamed every hour

Outside play and a walk