The following websites are offering their support during the school

closures for free:


Classroom Secrets - maths and reading, free access for children

Timetables Rock Stars

Master the curriculum - maths resources free packs can be downloaded during the closures


Primary stars - maths resource packs can be downloaded for free


Top Marks

Cbeebies - Number blocks

BBC Bitesize

Cool maths 4 kids

Maths game time

Maths Mathematics mastery


The maths factor - Carol Vorderman



Nrich - Maths games

Mathsframe - Maths games and worksheets

ICT games - Maths games

White Rose Maths

Maths hub learning space - Maths, times tables, quizzes

We are teachers - some free printable resources

A Boy and His Tablet Device
Girl at School
Math Tutoring
Math Exercises