Year 5 Timetable 

A examples of a timetable for Year 5


Day 1

  • Reading - Read your school reading book. Fins and copy 5 words from what you have read - write a definition for each word and explain how they help with description 

  • Writing - Start writing a diary, think about who it is for, how it will be set out

  • Spellings

  • Maths - Times Table Rock stars, weekly session Doodle Maths 20 minutes 

  • Creative - Listen to Greensleves, can you sing a long to the words and maybe write a new verse

  • Well-being

Day 2

  • Reading - Read the newspaper First News . Discuss with your parents what you like about reading the newspaper, explain what the following terms are: headline, photograph, caption, diagram, numbered list, bullet points - find examples 

  • Writing - Research a style of writing 'balanced argument'. Have a debate with a family member

  • Maths - Times Table Rock stars, Improper fractions, play online maths game  

  • Creative - Research and define what spam is. Make a timeline for a period of British History e.g. Henry 8th's wives

  • Well-being

Day 3

  • Reading - Set a timer for 10 minutes and see how many things that you can find around your house to read, then take some time to read it 

  • Writing - Should animals go to space? make a for and against list for this using different colours for the arguments 

  • Maths - Times Table Rock stars, compare fractions, play online maths game  

  • Creative - Create some different PE stations in your house / garden. Don't tip the ship - design a boat and see if it floats

  • Well-being

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