Year 3 Timetable

A example of a timetable for Year 3

Day 1

  • Reading - watch clip of the African Plains, create a bubble map to show adventurous activities in order to describe the settings

  • Writing - Look at newspaper articles and  find as many 5W's questions as you can

  • Maths - find a fraction out of a set of objectives

  • Spellings - remember, sentence, separate, special, straight, strange, strength, suppose, surprise, therefore

  • Creative - sunflower science game

  • Well-being - Watch the victorious clip


Day 2

  • Reading - use the vocabulary sheet to unpick one on the following words drought, vast, endangered, sweltering

  • Writing - write a newspaper opening, play the newspaper opening game

  • Maths - equivalent fractions, watch the video and complete the worksheet

  • Spellings - thought, through, various, weight, woman, accident, accidentally, actual

  • Creative - design a tasty birthday cake for the Queen, find out 5 new facts about the Queem

  • Well-being - Try out Powerkidz

Day 3

  • Reading - contrasting language, spot the difference and write 5 sentences about the 2 different plains

  • Writing - watch the clip and be a journalist and write a story about the report

  • Maths - dind equivalent fractions, watch the clip and complete the worksheet

  • Creative - access CBBC picture maker website and draw an image that will go with one of our stories either Dogs don't do Ballet or the Smartest giant in Town.

  • Spellings - address, although, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, breathe, build

  • Well-being - Try out Powerkidz


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