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Information on Social Stories including what they are and how to write them

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What Is A Social Story? - Carol Gray - Social Stories

Social Stories

Social Stories (

Lots different social story texts

Printable Social Stories for Kids | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

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Social Stories on topics

Getting a hair cut

I'm Getting a Haircut - A Social Story | Kids' Hair Inc.

Birthday Parties

Printable Social Stories: Birthday Parties - FirstPath Autism

Lots of different birthday party related social stories

Friendship Social Stories

Anger, frustration, negative feelings

Going to the Supermarket

Social_Stories_Going_To_Grocery_Store (

Supermarket Shopping Social Stories (

Going to the Cinema / Theatre

Going to a Restaurant

Going on a Plane

Going to the Doctors

I-am-Going-to-the-Doctor.pdf (

Going to the Doctor Social Story —, an ASERT Autism Resource Guide

Going to the Doctors.indd (

Going to the Dentist

Social Stories for Going to the Dentist – Pathfinders for Autism

I Am Going to the Dentist (A Story to Prepare Children for Dental Appointments) - (

tom_goes_to_the_dentist_social_story.pdf (

Going to Hospital

here_we_go_to_the_hospital_letter_size.indd (

hospitalstory.bm2 (

Halloween Social Stories

13 Free, Printable Social Stories about Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. | A Day In Our Shoes

Free Halloween Social Stories | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

Top 5 Social Stories for Halloween - Florida Autism Center (

Christmas Social Stories

8 Christmas Social Stories for Kids | Autism | Sensory | A Day In Our Shoes

Christmas related social stories

Free Christmas Social Stories | And Next Comes L - Hyperlexia Resources

Lots of Christmas social stories for children

Christmas Social Story – Little Puddins Free Printables

5 Social Stories and Autism Tips for the Holidays | Fusion Autism

Funerals and Death​

Birthday Cake
Children Playing Tug of War
Parent and Child at the Supermarket
Family Christmas Tree
Halloween at Preschool
Kids Doctor Checkup
Movie Theatre
Happy Kids Restaurant
Child Haircut
Child In Hospital Bed