Reception Timetable

A example of a timetable for Reception 


Day 1 

Day 2

  • Reading - practice reading sentences

    • A jar of jam.

    • Can the van go up the big long hill?

    • I have no chips left on the ship.

    • It has no top on it.

  • Writing - Make a list of the materials that you find in the garden that you could use to make an insect sculpture

  • Spellings - Phonics play Practice reading and writing words with or, for, fork, cord, corn, cork, sort, born, worn, torn, horn, pork, torch, sport, storm. Have a go at writing these sentences

    • Can you get the fork?

    • A chick was born.

    • Can you sort the books?

    • The dress is torn. 

  • Maths - Half or not game, use your playdoh and make it into halves, help your grown up cut things into halves

  • Creative - Build and insect out of lego, have a teddy bears picnic, play I spy, use purple mash to draw an insect under a magnifying glass

  • Well-being - Joe Wicks

  • Dough disc

  • Gonoddle Mindfulness  - Rainbow breathing

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