Year 1 Timetable

A example of a timetable for Year 1


Day 1 

  • Reading - Listen to the story 'the day the crayons quit' choose a crayon of your choice and say and write what the crayon was unhappy about and what Duncan did to make them feel better

  • Writing - Write down hand writing families, write a diary entry 

  • Spellings - The alternative spelling of igh - ie eg pie, lie, spied, tie, tried, cried. Choose 3 words and write a sentence

  • Maths - Count in 10's count and sort objects into 10's

  • Creative - Make a healthy meal with a grown up, junk modelling to make a healthy food plate

  • Well-being - watch your favourite movie with your family, draw a picture of something that makes you happy and colour it in


 Day 2

  • Reading - listen to your child read, look for the meanings of words that you don't understand

  • Writing - Read the sentences uploaded and identify where the capital letters go

  • Spellings - The alternative spelling of igh - y eg by, my, reply, sky, spy, July, try, cry, why

  • Maths - make equal groups out of objects 

  • Creative - Throw and catch a ball, use a plastic milk bottle to make Elmer the elephant

  • Well-being - cosmic kids yoga, talk to a grown up about what you are looking forward to in the future


Day 3

  •  Reading - listen to the story the 'day the crayons quit' and complete the worksheet showing what the complaint is for each colour

  • Writing - research you own real life super hero and write about them

  • Spellings - Revisit sounds learned this week

  • Creative - use construction kits to build something, or use junk modelling

  • Well-being - listen to chapter 5 of the 'Flat Stanley' story, take part in a physical activity 

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