Back to School Social Stories

Lots of different social stories to support children in the new Covid environment ranging from being in school and in a bubble to missing a Birthday party. Social stories on the Coronavirus and having tests are on the Coronavirus social story page

Lots of Coronavirus social stories including having a test, video chats, going back to school, wearing masks

Early Years Mama blog - some useful information on transitions back to school

Early Years Mama - Home | Facebook

SEN Resource Source

Lots of social stories, resources and information on Coronavirus

Social story - going back to school (video)

Social story - What will school be like now? (video)

Social story - welcome back to school (video)

Social story - the Tale of going back to school after Coronavirus

Social story - wearing masks (video)

Social story  - social distancing (video)

Social Story - hand washing song (video)

Social story - Social distancing song (video)

We wear masks social story

Teddys Birthday - coronavirus birthday

Coronavirus Support - Elsa Support

Social Stories - Coronavirus Story, Elephant handwashing to support the story on Coronavirus, Social Contact, Someone I know has Coronavirus

Julia Donaldson - Social distancing using children's favourite characters

Coming back to school in a bubble

Social Story - returning to School after Covid 19

Social Story - Washing hands

Social Story missing a Birthday party 






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