Back to School Support

As more children are starting to return to school from 1st June we have put this page together to help support children and their families with this transition. Further resources can be found on the Social Stories page and in in Well-being

Brookfield Primary September 2020 return tour

Brookfield Primary - back to school walkthrough tour

Having a Coronavirus Test

@facebook Climbing the rainbow - have some great social stories having a coronavirus test  

Coronavirus test social story

Coronavirus test social story

Coronavirus test social story

Non contact calming strategies for in the classroom

Lots of Coronavirus social stories including having a test, video chats, going back to school, wearing masks

SEN Resource Source

Lots of social stories, resources and information on Coronavirus

Social story - going back to school (video)

Social story - What will school be like now? (video)

Social story - welcome back to school (video)

Social story - the Tale of going back to school after Coronavirus

Social story - wearing masks (video)

Social story  - social distancing (video)

Social Story - hand washing song (video)

Social story - Social distancing song (video)

We wear masks social story

Teddys Birthday - coronavirus birthday

Coronavirus Support - Elsa Support

Social Stories - Coronavirus Story, Elephant handwashing to support the story on Coronavirus, Social Contact, Someone I know has Coronavirus

Julia Donaldson - Social distancing using children's favourite characters

Coming back to school in a bubble


Social Story - returning to School after Covid 19







Social Story - Washing hands




Social Story missing a Birthday party 







Supporting Transitions





Identifying Anxiety in children


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